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Many moons ago I started working on a small web site. Nothing fancy initially, but over the years the number of pages grew considerably and currently the site has fourteen sections, accessible through the menu buttons on the left. With most browsers you can hover your cursor over these buttons to see a brief description of each section. If that doesn't work for you: the same information can be found in the site map.

In case you can't stand the background music on the opening pages of each section: click the Toggle sound sign at the left and you'll be spared more of it.

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What's new or changed?

18 May 2006

New version of Voorgeslacht generator.

15 Oct 2005

Changed the Fractal Harmonies download link.

1 Oct 2005

New versions of Voorgeslacht generator and Stamboom generator.

1 Oct 2005

Made a copy of Fractal Harmonies available for download.

19 Apr 2005

New versions of Voorgeslacht generator and Stamboom generator for Aldfaer 3.3.

16 Apr 2005

Updated Voorgeslacht generator.

10 Apr 2005

Added Stamboom generator to the Software section; updated Voorgeslacht generator.

7 Oct 2004

Added Sweex modem to TalkieTones's Dutch and English modem lists.

29 Sep 2004

Added Voorgeslacht generator to the Software section.

9 Feb 2004

Fixed some problems with the 'Page not found' page; removed some broken links.

18 Nov 2003

Reactivated the Sign the Guestbook page.

8 Nov 2003

Replaced Through the fork with a brighter version; updated Links to this site.

1 Nov 2003

Moved the site to a new domain (; removed the Search section.

3 Aug 2003

New revisions of the Fractal Generator and Sesamoid in the Software section.

11 Jun 2003

Placed a new revision of Sesamoid in the Software section.

25 May 2003

Placed a new revision of Sesamoid in the Software section.

14 May 2003

Added Sesamoid to the Software section.

6 Mar 2003

Added Terraformed Mars to the Gallery.

1 Mar 2003

Added Mars view to the Gallery.

26 Feb 2003

Added Sweex modem to TalkieTones's Dutch and English modem lists.

21 Feb 2003

Added Sitecom modem to TalkieTones's Dutch and English modem lists.

20 Feb 2003

Updated the Newtongrange links page and added the Guestbook 2002 archive.

9 Feb 2003

Updated the Newtongrange page.

5 Feb 2003

Added the Vroom search engine to the Software section.

19 Jan 2003

Fixed a few minor issues with redirections and with the search results page.

14 Jan 2003

Added an index image to Photons at work in the Gallery.

11 Jan 2003

Changed this page and added Glass spheres to the Gallery.

13 Dec 2002

Added Through the fork to the Gallery.

5 Dec 2002

Added Earth view to the Gallery.

27 Oct 2002

Added Photons at work to the Gallery.

21 Oct 2002

Added spreadsheet for the development of POV-Ray sphere_sweeps objects.

8 Sep 2002

Added Lemonade to the Gallery.

22 Aug 2002

Added Take a breath to the Gallery.

18 Aug 2002

Added Moorfoot Hills and Pentland Hills walks to the Scottish section.

3 Aug 2002

Started the Gallery section with ray-traced images.


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